Beautiful Reflections Salon was founded by Tasha & Heather in 2010, two local girls (and mums) who knew that La Crosse needed a little bit of glamour!

We wanted to create a gorgeous space to relax and unwind, where you can feel good about yourself. A place where beauty is sought from a good place within. A place where you can look after your beautiful and amazing body, where you can appreciate all that it does. A place filled with lovely smells, relaxing music and good old fashioned smiles.

Our business plan was simple… the nicest salon we could create (with our life savings and every ounce of our being) with the best treatments and products we could find, performed by the best people at lowest price point we can manage. We are inspired and compare ourselves to the salons in Wisconsin who charge double the prices! We are inspired by our clients who value themselves and we are inspired by our therapists, the best and most loveliest we could find.

Pop in any time, have a cup of tea and a treatment, let us look after you – we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Our Staff:

Tasha: Co-Owner, 6th year stylist
Describes self as: motivated, personable, educated, youthful

Heather: Co-Owner, 6th year stylist
Describes self as: perfectionist, knowledgeable, experienced, trendy, fun

Sharon: 40yrs in the industry! Stylist
Describes self as: experienced, mature stylist, specializing in wigs, hair styling, perming, cutting, keeps up on education and trends, willing to work with you

Kesha: 3rd year stylist
Describes self as: aspiring, friendly, adventurous, sweet, and lively

Maria:3rd year stylist
Describes self as: eager to help you achieve the look you want, classy, sociable, attentive, stylish

Chandra:  New stylist
Describes self as: fresh insight, energetic, spunky, charming, extravagant

December:Massage Therapist
Describes self as: passionate about providing therapeutic and relaxing massages using a diverse array of techniques that cater to the clients individual preferences and needs to ensure satisfaction in a healing and harmonious environment